Council Connect

Strong, responsive, socially and environmentally responsible local government is vital to building fair, prosperous and healthy communities. That is why having a constructive relationship with the City of Charles Sturt is a crucial objective for WACRA. While we may not always agree with Council’s approach, we are confident we share the same overall aim. We see ourselves as a critical friend of Council.


Bert Brown

If you have issues of concern related to Charles Sturt Council please first raise it with Council (phone 8408 1111). You may also wish to talk with your local ward councillor.

If you would like to talk with WACRA about a council-related issue, contact (email) Bert Brown.

SMART goals

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic/Relevant and Time bound

  1. Establish regular meetings with the Mayor and CEO to discuss issues of concern and to report outcomes to the membership
  2. Meet regularly with elected members for wards in our area (Semaphore Park, Grange, Henley)
  3. Hold Council to the Quality Assurance Standard for community and stakeholder engagement (IAP2)

Projects (from SMART goals)

Response to government documents

Greater Adelaide
Planning & Design Code

WACRA is a founding member of Community Alliance SA (CASA), a peak body for residents’ associations and community groups concerned with urban planning, design, the built environment and urban ecology.

Re: Review of the State Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act (the Act), Planning and Design Code Reform (the Code) and the e-planning system, and the Plan SA website:

Response to Council documents

Council invites residents and community groups to provide input on the annual business plan via the Your Say website. See below WACRA’s response:

Public Consultation Policy

WACRA is very concerned that recent changes to Council’s Public Consultation Policy fail to meet the internationally recognised Standards set out in IAP2. In April 2020 Council took advantage of emergency COVID-19 amendments to regulations under the Local Government Act to enable Council to enact its revised Public Consultation Policy without any public consultation! WACRA will continue to call for proper public consultation policies and processes.

WACRA History Book

WACRA has collected the testimonies of community activists who have been involved in the campaigns of WACRA and its predecessors over the last 50 years. These stories include contemporary photographs. View the electronic book for free download.