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Latest issues

WACRA’s submission on the dredging of Outer Harbour (PDF)
Submission to the State Commission Assessment Panel on the issue of deepening of the harbour by screw and suction dredging to provide passage for giant-sized container vessels

WACRA’s Nuclear-Free Zone Policy (PDF)
The General Meeting of the Western Adelaide Coastal Residents’ Association Inc (25 January 2017) voted unanimously on the following resolution in relation to the importation, transportation, storage, disposal and dumping of nuclear waste within the Charles Sturt Council region

Libraries are the hubs for learning and building inclusive, informed communities (PDF)
Community libraries are being downgraded and schools are removing arts and humanities from the curriculum. These decisions will have long-term detrimental effects on society, says guest writer and educator Erica Jolly

Coast Park Shared Pathway – Grange to Semaphore Park