The WACRA Committee meets between all General Meetings. If you have an item you would like raised, please email Paul Laris.

It is important to acknowledge that for much, if not all of 2020, it is likely that meetings will need to be conducted online. All members are encouraged to download and install the free version of Zoom and use it to stay connected and active. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, our engagement with the wider membership, the community and stakeholders will need to be on a very different basis. For example, the AGM could be done using the WACRA Zoom subscription but it disenfranchises any people who do not have a computer, phone etc or are not technically literate (presumably a small minority). It may be advisable to hold a members online forum to discuss the proposed changes and to get people familiar with the technology.

2020 AGM and General Meetings

General Meeting
Wednesday 29 January

Minutes (PDF file)

AGM and General Meeting
Tuesday 1 September 7pm
Henley and Grange Community Centre
196A Military Road, Henley Beach (next to Henley Beach Police Station)
Minutes (PDF file)
President’s report (PDF file)
Task group reports (PDF file)
The impact of COVID on our communities and lives (Barbara Pocock, guest speaker) (PDF file + notes – click on the speech icon in the slide to view)

Other meeting dates TBA

Past meeting minutes

Find out about past activities – read our meeting agendas and minutes.