1974: a group of concerned residents formed the Henley and Grange Ratepayers’ Association Inc. that mainly took up issues relating to proposals and decisions of the then Henley and Grange Council.

1994: there was a change in name to the Henley and Grange Residents’ Association Inc. and at the same time the rules were changed to allow a greater area for membership and broader issues of interest and coverage.

1997: the association became heavily involved in opposing the Holdfast Shores Development and in particular the construction of the boat launching facility and Barcoo storm water outlet at West Beach. This community campaign involved over 600 people and continued for over six months of blockading in an attempt to stop the rock walls being constructed, as science advised that sand would be depleted from West Beach and create significant damage to beaches further north…history now shows that the science was correct.

2005: the association’s name and rules changed again to become the Western Adelaide Coastal Residents’ Association Inc. (WACRA) to provide more scope of membership and better reflect local, state and federal government issues that WACRA presently addresses. This change gave the association the opportunity to make submissions, presentations and representation to all levels of government on behalf of its membership and the broader community relating to living standards, and to reach our primary objective of Building healthy communities.