Coastal Management

The coast is a large and vital component of the environment which enhances the lives of all residents of Western Adelaide – whether it’s the beaches themselves, the waterways that flow to and through those beaches, the seagrass meadows and other marine life offshore, or the built environment. WACRA’s Coastal Management Group advocates on issues affecting the coast in order to preserve, protect and enhance the environment for current and future generations of residents.


Bert Brown, Jim Douglas, Geoff Short

Contact (email): Bert Brown

SMART goals

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic/Relevant and Time bound

  1. Coastal sand management
  2. Breakout Creek (action plan)
  3. Coast Park
  4. Dredging / seagrass

Projects (from SMART goals)

Coastal sand management

WACRA intends to lobby for a commitment from federal, state and local governments for a whole of metropolitan coast scientific strategic plan for the long-term management of our local beaches.

Research article (abstract only): de Schipper, Matthieu A, Ludka, Bonnie C, Raubenheimer, Britt, Luijendijk, Arjen P and Schlacher, Thomas A  2020, Beach nourishment has complex implications for the future of sandy shores, Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, 2, 70–84(2021)
Click this link to read the full article:

Breakout Creek (action plan)

Previous lobbying by WACRA and other organisations has seen joint Federal, State and Local Government funding approved for the development of wetlands along the Torrens River from Tapley’s Hill Road to Seaview Road, with works scheduled to commence in December 2020. WACRA will continue to liaise with the City of Charles Sturt on the finalisation of the concept plan for the development and implementation of the project.

Coastal Linear Park

As a key stakeholder, WACRA is to be involved in lobbying for the completion of the pathway section between Semaphore and Grange. This involvement will occur until the park has been completed or the State Government has taken control of the project.

Dredging / seagrass

On behalf of WACRA, Pedro Schultz will work with Tony Bazely from PAREPG and be involved with the 1 and 2 year review outcomes of the recent dredging of the Outer Harbour channel. Pedro will share his findings with WACRA.