Who we are

Introducing our Executive Committee

WACRA officer bearers and members elected at the AGM:

President: Paul Laris
Vice Presidents: Bert Brown & Lynn Walsh
Secretary: Alan Goldsmith
Assistant Secretary: Richard Smith
Treasurer: Richard Smith & Anne Wheaton

Executive committee members

Marilyn Bruhn, Jim Douglas, Fernando Gonçalves, Lara, Hollamby, Andrea Rankin, Pedro Schultz, Angela Vaughan, Julie Anne Whitehead

Office bearers are elected at our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Paul Laris, President
Bert Brown, Vice President
Lynn Walsh, Vice President
Alan Goldsmith, Secretary
Richard Smith, Assistant Secretary & Treasurer
Anne Wheaton, Treasurer
Jim Douglas
Marilyn Bruhn
Theo Ellenbroek
Fernando Gonçalves
Andrea Rankin
Pedro Schultz
Angela Vaughan
Julie Anne Whitehead