WACRA celebrates 50 years (book)

‘Listen to the people: 50 years of community activism’

Listen to the peopleA residents’ association that has not only endured but also thrived for 50 years is an impressive feat. How has the Western Adelaide Coastal Residents’ Association (WACRA) achieved it? The compilation of stories in this book reveals the passion behind ‘building healthy communities’ through commitment and generosity, skills and actions, advocacy and friendship. It’s about ensuring that the people who live in this place – Adelaide’s western suburbs – have a voice. The spirit of this community is unbeatable. May this book inspire you to make connections in your own community and beyond.

Donate to receive a printed copy of the book

We would appreciate a donation of $20 (or what you can afford) to cover the cost of printing the book.

Contact Richard Smith to organise payment and receipt of the book:
Email: margrich@senet.com.au
Phone: 0488 528 846

Download an electronic copy

Listen to the people: 50 years of community activism (PDF, 33mb)

Watch the launch video

The book was launched Sunday 10 April 2022. Watch the 3-minute video snapshot of this event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1NmQhTnurY