At the WACRA Executive Planning Day in 2019 it was clear that our organisational structure, combined with our appetite for engaging with a wide range of issues, was a challenge. At our Zoom Executive Meeting on 25 March 2020 there was general agreement that we should explore a model that could further share the load, be trialled ASAP and, if successful, be formalised at the 2020 AGM. A vote by email concluding 3 April 2020 confirmed unanimous support, so the new structure is now implemented.

Structure (working model)

WACRA has three portfolio task groups or teams:

In addition, these and all activities are supported by an Administration team (covering communication, membership, finance and social support). So effectively we have four teams. Each team has a coordinator and at least three additional members.

Each task group has developed SMART goals to guide their activities (projects) – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic/Relevant and Time bound).

As well as these task groups, there is a rostered acting chairperson. The functions previously residing with the President are now shared amongst the four team coordinators on a rostered basis (every 3 months). The rostered team coordinator is effectively acting chairperson. They will be supported in that role by the Administration team and the other 3 coordinators. It is also inherent in the model that the teams meet independently and develop their own strategies, reporting back to the acting chairperson.

Assembling meeting agendas (and the newsletter) includes seeking reports and issues from the other three team coordinators, reporting on any incoming and outgoing correspondence, raising any new issues of interest etc. While the acting chairperson is the initial contact spokesperson for WACRA, normally external contacts will be referred to the relevant team coordinator.

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