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Social justice and community health

Pensioner concessions – council rates rebate

Recent announcements by the State and Federal Governments to shift the responsibility of council rates concessions for eligible pensioners once again rips a big chunk of $190 a year from residents’ pockets. WACRA have written to the Federal member for Hindmarsh, the State member for Colton, the City of Charles Sturt Council and the Local Government Association calling on them to ‘Return the Rebate’.

In the past, the Federal Government  met this concession; however, the current government determined to cut the rebate and the cost for 1 year was met by the state. WACRA believes that this is a Federal Government responsibility and we will continue to lobby hard for a ‘Fair Go For Pensioners’.

Hospital closures

WACRA has serious concerns over the recent announcement of a significant restructuring of the hospital health system as we know it. Proposed downsizing of the Queen Elizabeth, Modbury and Noarlunga High Care Emergency Services (EDs) sends a shiver of fear through the community. We are told that three super Eds will be able to accommodate all the services needed but most of us are unconvinced. Petitions are circulating and public meetings are being organised to obtain more information. There is a time to act and we encourage you to stay involved.