Conservation, culture and recreation

Friends of Gulf St Vincent (FOGSV)

WACRA strongly supports the Friends of Gulf St Vincent (FOGSV). FOGSV advocates and lobbies for clean marine waters, and the preservation and conservation of all sea creatures, sea grass meadows and the coastline.

FOGSV is conducting a water quality project (Secchi Project) to check water turbidity (clarity) at regular times and places on both sides of the Gulf. These test results are fed into a database and will assist in defining points of pollutants (sediments) entering the gulf. More information about this project and what FOGSV does

Coast Park Shared Pathway

After more than 10 years, the final section of the Coast Park between Grange and Semaphore Park (4.7 kms) has undergone extensive community review. A Community Reference Group, consisting of 26 members representing various groups, has worked tirelessly to come to some final options. The two preferred options – known as Options 1 and 2 – have the most support out of the 5 options presented.

  • Option 1 proposes two pathways – a narrow walking path at the (top) rear of the dunes and a cycle path partly on Seaview Road and partly on Military Road
  • Option 2 (WACRA’s preferred option) proposes a continuous shared pathway of 2.4 metres width located at the (top) rear of the dunes.

WACRA’S proposal for the installation of the Coast Park (PDF)

The WACRA Executive has worked hard to try to resolve many of the issues with the proposed Coast Park by seeking submissions from all parties with an interest in the path:

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