Climate Emergency

Mission: Increase awareness of and take action with the community towards mitigating the effects of climate change


City of Charles Sturt Council (CCS) has shown exceptional leadership in firstly joining Cities Power Partnerships and then declaring a Climate Emergency in late 2019. In 2020, CCS signed on as a founding member of national advocacy group Climate Emergency Australia. WACRA’s Climate Emergency Group welcomes the opportunity to work with Council staff to position the western suburbs to mitigate and adapt to climate change, a recognised problem facing our seaside and inland suburbs, over the coming critical years.


Submission to the Climate Change Bill (27 November 2020) (PDF file) – WACRA has made a submission to the Climate Change (National Framework for Adaptation and Mitigation) Bill 2020 and Climate Change (National Framework for Adaptation and Mitigation) (Consequential and Transitional Provisions) Bill 2020 inquiry. The Committee will consider carefully all the matters we have raised.


Kate Denton, Keelian Gliessert, Alan Goldsmith, Lara Lamnek, Pria Mitra, Andrea Rankin, Julie Whitehead

Contact (email): Andrea Rankin or Julie Whitehead

SMART goals

Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic/Relevant and Time bound

  1. Work with AdaptWest to support their CE plans
  2. Tree canopy (propagation, protection etc)
  3. Verges and Feature Street
  4. Events on the side

Projects (from SMART goals)

Canopy, tree propagation/protection

Want a street tree? Click on the image or this PDF document to find out more. We encourage you to distribute this flier in local streets where street trees are missing.

You're missing a tree!

  • ‘My Tree’ project
  • Significant trees project
  • Tree loss awareness raising project
  • Grange Railway Station (land regeneration)
  • Lexington Road (land regeneration)

View Kate Denton’s and Pedro Schultz’s deputations to Council (pp 6-19 and 21-35) 25 January 2021 re budgeting to increase tree canopy and protection/propagation.

Verges and Feature Street

  • Partnering with Council

Events on the side

  • Tipping points
  • Climate forum